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laughs I knew she would help. Follow me. Good luck, friends. And if you see that penguin, kick him in the shins for me. laughs Don’t worry, Nathan. We’ll get you out of here. Maura, Maura. After all we’ve been through together. We’ve know each other for like minutes. Good point. Then I won’t feel so bad when I eliminate you. Freeze, Darcy. Deep. What? Thanks, Maura. Okay, first of all, you don’t get to say freeze. I’m the one with the freeze gun. I say freeze. And also, blast off. computer voice Launch sequence green initiated. Luigi, Ralph, to the bridge. We’re taking off. Earth is our home, you foot-flapping low life. And we’re not leaving it. Forget it! Ah! Oh, no. slow-motion No. Huh? Maura and Alice Evo! computer voice Impossible to disarm count down. Take off in two minutes. Stage two initiated. Come one, come on, come on. Lost your chance, mate. Leave my friend alone. What now? Maura shouting Deep Teamwork, guys. Darcy What the? gagging Hey, Darcy. Hmm? Freeze. screaming Alice Good shot! cheering Enough playing games. grunting Put your gun down. You put your gun down. No, you put your gun down. You both put your guns down. Alice, you don’t even have a gun. This game is fun! laughs Somebody tell me to put my gun down. Hey, Ralph? Huh? Sorry. Huh? Alice Got a lot of empty space up here. What? What is that? Oh, that tickles. giggles That tickles. Come and get me, whiskers. Luigi Get out of there, you chicken. I’m a shrimp. Oh! grunts Good work, Alice. gun clicks Oh, no. grunts gun clicks Gah, human machine. grunting Maura, anything there that could contain a walrus? Nothing can contain a walrus. Deep Maura? I’m looking. What? smooth jazz music No! Maura! Huh? bossa nova music Oh, no. groaning grunting growling shouting shouting computer voice Ejecting hibernation pod. Oh, except this. This can definitely contain a walrus. Luigi screaming coughing Evo. I’m so sorry, Evo. Oh, Deep, get up. No, I want to stay with him. We can mourn later. We have to free Nathan and save the colony, now. Deep sniffles computer voice Launch stage orange, initiated.