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  Okay. Watch your step. Bye. Where- where we goin’? Flash Games, it’s a surprise. They called us “the aces”. You see, the wing break away from the plane Catch up with the truth pretty quick, you know you’re comin’ down with it. In a flash, it’s all around you, The thunder Water Buboy in the sky You land there in the water And it’s quiet. Like sinking under the knives Over and over again, dull knives against your Legs and your arms. Like big waves cutting you down. Had to try Really try just to breathe. Well, eventually you You give in, you stop. And you never forget. The parachute Through the parachute I could see the surface The carrier on fire A little warm And then it turned over. And something Something inside me Flash Games, are you okay? I finally surfaced with everything I had left. And the bombs and explosions all around me Like a million sunrises all at once. And you never do You never do Forget The beauty. The beauty. You never want to forget. Hi, this is Steven. Leave a message and I’ll get back to you. Thank you. I missed him. I’m mean, I didn’t really know it till I saw him, But I did.