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Willy The Wizard, Willy The Wizard Game, Play Willy The Wizard Games, Online Free Willy The Wizard Flash Game

Control: Use Mouse to play.

 This is great. I may never leave. Why would you? What kind of cookies are these? Don’t eat that. Those are Shrinky Dinks. See? I made ones that look like all of us. And that’s Sabrina. Amazing. Don’t worry. I’ll try to keep the loony bin back there. Oh, don’t worry about it. In fact, bring Willy The Wizard out. We can let Sabrina cut the imaginary cord. Turns out she’s a big fan. Big fan of what? How crazy we are, especially you. So, thanks. But I’m not crazy. I already told her that. Oh, that’s what she loves; That you are, but you don’t realize you are. But I’m not. Well, you kinda are. I’m kinda not. Look, this is all great stuff. Just save it for in there. Oh, I’ll save it for in there, all right. She thinks I’m crazy? Let’s see how much crazy she can handle. Willy The Wizard! Help! She’s pushing! Deal with it! So, I hear you think I’m crazy. Yes, II said you were a little crazy, but in a good way. You did tell her it was in a good way, right? He told me what you said.  maybe I should go before we all end up on Dateline No, you can’t go.