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Winter BMX Jam Time And from what I can tell so far, it is the absolute end of civilisation, It’s impossible to know what anyone could have to teach here except “get out”. Can I help you with something? Oh, sorry. I’m just a bit jetlagged. I just flew in from LA. You came here from LA? Yeah. Yeah. I have come to teach at the college. What are you teaching? Writing. Screenwriting. You’re Keith Michaels? I submitted a screenplay for that class. Ah. He wrote Paradise Misplaced. Are you kidding me? Come sit with us. No, I don’t want to impose game Dude, you have to. It’s only my favourite movie of all time. Uh, OK, I will game I will obey. Thank you. I’m Karen. This is Judy and Chloe. Right. What are you all majoring in then? I’m premed. Really? And where do you stand on full body scans? Would you say helpful or would you say cancercausing cash conduits? Well, I mean game Nice alliteration. I’m an English major. I thought I recognised a fellow sufferer. And Chloe is majoring in, uh game Telepathy? I can’t believe you wrote that movie. That’s absolutely, truly cool. Nice assonance. Assonance is the repetition of vowel sounds. Vowel sounds. Look at me. Teaching already. I really want to take your course. Well, that’s good news. I thought maybe no one would. Fantastic. Henry, no. Sorry. Henry’s not used to seeing people in the house. I’m Jim. Hi, Jim. Henry. I’ve got to get ready for work. Right. No problem. Hey. Ah. Good morning. Uh, I unfortunately have to go. I’m supposed to meet the head of the department. Dr Lerner. I had him for Chaucer. When you say you “had him” for Chaucer game This was really fun. Yeah. See you later. Yeah. I like being a teacher. Harold Lerner. How was your trip? It was nice. Thank you. We could have had somebody meet you at the airport. I’m sure one of our nerdier English majors would have been happy to do that. Oh, no, no, that’s fine. Although I have actually met some of the students, and they’re extremely generous with their time. Oh, sure, yeah, they’re friendly. Most of them are high. US Marine Corps. I, uh game I like to follow the rules.