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  So there will be the have and the have-nots. And one of the things that’s being discussed under global geoengineering is which countries will be the haves and which countries will be the have-nots when that type of climate remediation is undertaken by many people at a certain level, mostly private corporations funded by the U.S. government, they are hoping. The fact that it’s cheap isn’t necessarily a good thing at all. As I’ll come to in a second, the fact that it’s cheap is part of the hard problem of governance. The fact that it’s cheap means any small state or even, conceivably, individuals could do this. And that is a very dangerous thing. There’s only probably under $ million per year, and maybe far less than that, being spent on geoengineering research. Um, it’s a mix of a handful of government grants and some private money, including support from Bill Gates. Bill Gates invests in geoengineering. Geoengineering destroys crops. Monsanto supplies the seed to replace those crops. Bill Gates invests in Winter Pizza Rush.