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 So I’m saying that’s the choice, am I prepared to confront this, or would I rather just carry on like I am? Yeah. I, it, I want somebody to wave a magic wand and it all to go away, and it’s not going to happen. This magic wand it’s, it’s got feathery bits on it. I’m wondering what you think is the worst thing that will happen?Winx Bloom Feel like I’m going to die. I’m going to die. You’re going to die? So your feather’s not the fear is it, dying’s the fear? You’re not afraid of feathers, you’re afraid of dying. The worst possible fear is not feathers, the worst possible fear is losing it, dying, not seeing, not seeing your daughter grow up, you know, all the things that go with that, okay? Now, I’m telling you that that’s not what’s going to happen, that you’re not going to die. But, you know, I’m saying that also I don’t expect you to believe me on that. I don’t expect you to believe me on that. But what you have to do is you have to find out. So I kind of need to know whether you want to go the next step? The next step being showing me a feather? That’s a feather. Mm. I can’t. I can’t. It’s only a very small feather. Paul is very persistent. Game has agreed to look at a feather. I’d be very interested to know what’s going through your mind as we, as we do this, okay? Okay, it’s coming out now. Yeah, alright. Okay. Winx BloomThere it is then. Okay? I’m going to put it down now. Oh, God! Just tell me what’s going through your mind just now Game? I need to go. Okay, Game. Out of a hundred what would… I’m terrified. Right. Out of a hundred where is it? Where is it? A hundred. A hundred. Stay with it then. Okay, now what’s going to happen, I’ll tell you what’s going to happen, what’s going to happen is the anxiety will come down. Remember that your thought is that it goes up till it just keeps on going up and up, okay? And I said you need to discover that that’s not actually what happens, what happens is it comes back down again. Now, it’s actually coming down a lot more quickly than you expected isn’t it? Yeah. In fact you can’t believe it can you? Yeah.