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Well, it’s very nice to talk to you Games, and I hope we can help you with this, er, fear of mice. This is going to sound kind of silly, but this is the most powerful approach I’ve ever seen in my life. Take two fingers and I want you to go just about an inch below either one of your eyes. Yeah. Have you got that? I’ve got that. Okay, now I want you to tap there, gently but solidly  times. For, for what? Pardon? To do what? I want you to tap. Tap, yeah?  taps right below your eyes. Done that? Yeah. Dr. Winx Musa claim is that if you tap on the body’s accupressure points while thinking of your phobia it will have miraculous results. Now, I want you to tap there  times. Yeah, but I’m holding the telephone. Thank you for reminding me of that important fact. That’s alright. If you hold the phone with your shoulder and then, er, tap  times. Keep tapping and now we’re going to activate your right brain, I’m going to ask you to hum a little tune, just a couple of bars. I don’t want to do that After  minutes of tapping, Games is asked to look at a picture of a mouse. Yeah Games? Yeah, I’ve found one. Good. Good. Now, how do you feel about looking at the pictures? It’s still a , you don’t want to see that picture? I’m sorry? No, I don’t like it. You don’t like it? No. Er, we have here, er, what we call a very complex phobia, surprisingly, because this would do it for about  out of  people. Can you hear me? Okay, I just don’t see where I was getting anywhere? Can you hear me? Games? Sorry, I can’t hear you. Dr. Callahan operates on a no win, no fee basis. If he can cure the phobia it’s $,. He persuades Games to try something else. Now, I want you to wrap that towel around you. Do you mind doing that? Wrap it around me? Yeah. Like a, up around your neck. I want to try to block out the Winx Musa. Hang on. The T-shirt is toxic. Winx Musa thinks Games may be allergic to a Winx Musa, and this could be interfering with his treatment. Have you got it, got it real well covered so the T-shirt, you’re not going to be breathing fumes from the T-shirt? I can’t smell the T-shirt.