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Thank you. in’ A, Jared. Shut your ing mouth. …hang out with you. MARK: Good. Okay. JARED: Sack up, do the deal. Let’s be friends. MARK: We will see. Thank you. JARED: Don’t bullshit me. MARK: All right. JARED: You’re gonna say no, aren’t you? MIKE: No. No, I’m just evaluating right now. Thank you. Thank you for coming in. (DOOR OPENS) Bye, Jared. VINNIE: I don’t like it. He’s playing us. He’s playing us. He’s got too much skin in the game and he’s dumping his position. What if he’s right? You want him to be right. MARK: Yes, I do. The banks have given us % interest rates on credit cards. They have screwed us on student loans that we can never get out from under. Then this guy walks into my office and says those same banks got greedy, they lost track of the market, and I can profit off of their stupidity? , yeah, I want him to be right! VINNIE: How come you don’t hate this guy? He’s everything you taught us not to trust. I can’t hate him. He is so transparent in his self interest that I kind of respect him. Would I buy a car from him? No. (PORTER CHUCKLES) Is he right about the mortgage market? No. Let’s find out. Let’s find out. Look. It’s two very simple questions. Is there a housing bubble? And if there is, how exposed are the banks? PORTER: Yeah. Okay. Let’s get on this quickly too. Because if he’s right, every loser with a couple million bucks and a fund is gonna be jumping on this. Let’s go. (ELEVATOR DINGS) WOMAN: Just that morning… (BREATHING DEEPLY) JPMorgan Chase. JPMorgan Chase. JAMIE: Okay. Stop saying “JPMorgan Chase”. I got a good feeling about this. It’s just a meeting though, you know? It’s just a meeting. It’s something like… People have meetings all the time. You know? People drink their coffee, they have a meeting. CHRIS: Brownfield Fund? JAMIE: Yes! Hey. Hello. CHARLIE: Ted. Chris. I’m on Ted’s desk. Chris. Okay. I’m Charlie, Charlie Geller. Charlie. Jamie Shipley. Hi. Jamie. We’re so excited to get set up on your trading platform.