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World War l is ending game Hey, Aranzini. Huh? l dreamt ofyour sweetheart again. She had tits dripping with honey. l had a dream ofyour sister. She’ll do it with any man. This one’s leg is turning blue. Call the sergeant! Call the sergeant! Not the sergeant. Get a doctor over here. Move along! Move along! Look at them, men. Filthy strikers and traitors, a disgrace to the country. Have a good look at those subversive swine. Turo! Turo! Olmo! Olmo! The bastards got you. The country is in the hands of murderers. Quiet! God damn the whole nation! God damn the King! Olmo! Olmo! Olmo! Quiet! lt’s you. Regina! Huh? Go away! The masquerade’s over. Take that costume off. The war has ended. Yes, Lieutenant. l said, out, out, out! And close the door, Regina! Close the door! Will you look at that? Vincenzo! Oh, back! Almeida. ‘Please, Father,’ said the young prince. “‘l can’t tell why, but my heart will not be at rest “’till l find the three nectarines of love. “‘l beg you, let me go search for them.’ “The boy’s plea was so sincere that his majesty promised “that the moment spring came game ” What happened? Aren’t you going to read anymore? l think l heard the story before. You must be Olmo. Yes. And you? Anita. Anita Forlan. You’re from the north? Province ofVerona. Verona? We camped nearVerona. Are you a refugee? Yes. l lost all my family. Go on. lt’s heavy, huh? Aren’t you going to tell us how it ends? Does he find the nectarines? Tell us, Anita. All right. Be good. “The boy’s plea was so sincere game ” Attention! At your order, sir. At ease. Hey, soldier, don’t you recognize me? lt’s me, you stupid jackass. lt’s me. l don’t want you. You’re a lowly civilian. The war is over. Nobody gives us orders anymore. Now, l like you better. Hey. “Oh, kiss me, my hero.” There was no one to take care of the silkworms anymore. There’s nothing up here but rats now. Like in the trenches. Hey, rememberwhen no one believed you could see the city up here? But we managed to see it from here. How close it seemed, huh? Did you manage to see the whole war