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It will break his heart, but he’ll let it go. Why is he selling? MARLENE: Neither one’s working right now. Marlene, you’d say they’re motivated, right? As motivated as one can be in this neighborhood. This house on the left, I would say they’re probably motivated. Wow, a lot of people seem very motivated. MARLENE: Oh, it’s just the gully. That’s all. Just… Just nerves. So where do we stand? I need to talk to my wife. Um… MAN: This market won’t last. MARK: Actually, could I talk to a mortgage broker? Anybody you recommend? Anybody you like. MARLENE: Yes, yes, I have someone. Absolutely. Yeah, better like me. Sent her ass to Cabo. ALL LAUGHING So is Morgan Stanley recruiting us? Is that it? Oh, no. No. The bank owns our hedge fund, but we’re not really part of it. We invest in financial service companies and we’re trying to understand the residential mortgage business. How many loans do you write each month? BLOWS AIR About . Yeah. What was it four years ago? Ten… PORTER WHISTLES Maybe . Yeah, I was a bartender. Now I own a boat. LAUGHING You own a… So how many of these are adjustable rate mortgages? MAN IN BLACK: Well, most. Oh, yeah. Yeah, I’d say about %. The bonuses on those skyrocketed a few years ago. Adjustable’s our bread and honey. So do applicants ever get rejected? BOTH LAUGHING Seriously? Look, if they get rejected, I suck at my job. DANNY: Even if they have no money? Well, my firm offers NINJA loans. PORTER: Okay. “No Income, No Job.” I just leave the income section blank if I want. Corporate doesn’t care. These people just want homes. And they go with the flow. PORTER: Good for you. Your companies don’t verify? If I write a loan on Friday afternoon, a big bank will buy it by Monday lunch. Yeah. Same here. Could you hold on a second? Yeah. I don’t get it. Why are they confessing? They’re not confessing. They’re bragging. MARK CLEARS THROAT Do people have any idea what they are buying? CHUCKLES I focus on the immigrants, you know. Wonderfull Kissing Marathon