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   World Class Chef in UKI’ll hold it. You go set the brake. Go! You should really leave the car in gear when it’s parked. My dad says that. Good advice. Well, are you gonna say anything? So you just out looking for runaway cars? Ha, ha. Actually, I came to see you. I got your address from the Flicks. His mom and my mom volunteer at the hospital. Do you remember the other day, in front of Higbee’s? Antlers, sleigh bells? Uh, yeah.   Look, I can explain.   You don’t have to. I saw what you did. It takes a lot of guts to stand up to a jark like that. You don’t see that very often. I guess I just wanted you to know that. Here. We’re big on fruitcake at the World Class Chef in UK house. Eat them, use them as paperweight. Ha, ha. Up to you. Thanks. Should you be…? I mean, are you and, um…?   Ha ha ha.   You know.   World Class Chef in UK  Yeah. We talked the other day and sort of decided to go our separate ways. Well, I decided. Oh. I didn’t know that. How could you? We’ve been out of school. And I’ve just been puttering around the kitchen all week.   Baking paperweights.   Thousands of them. You have no idea how good it feels to be outdoors. Well, I’m glad. I mean, I’m… I’m glad that you picked here to be outdoors at. Oh. Oh, boy, that came out stupid. No. It came out great.   So is this your car?   Yeah. ‘ Mercury Eight. Wow, what a wonderful Game present. Please? Please? Once. Once around the block. When I was  I pulled the wrapping off the present of my dreams and knew, right then and there, no Game would ever be the same. And none were. Until today.