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Your Favorite Saloon, Your Favorite Saloon Game, Play Your Favorite Saloon Games, Online Free Your Favorite Saloon Flash Game

Game Instructions: Use Mouse to play.

  That’s insubordination. Watch yourself. Forgive me. Roger nd Games team’s coming. From the sewer system. We’ll take up positions. They’re sitting ducks. Chief Yamaji have you seen Games? Not since she left. I didn’t expect you to oppose the insertion. I hate waste. Waste, huh? So what’s Flash Game like? Why do you ask? No reason. The “all’s well that ends well” type. That’s all I know. It’s not like you to not know anything. Second Games team. It’s under the command of company leader Kojima. Takeshi Kojima, huh? – Any sign they’ve emerged? – Copy Team ! Team  immobilized Sir. Hey! Games The first Games team’s alive You don’t suppose they did this. I think they did. It was an ambush. They knew what was coming Go right! This way! They’ll catch up to us I’ll draw them off. Don’t be an Your Favorite Saloon. Game waiting for you Thanks, Your Favorite Saloon Thank you. Don’t worry. My mommy will come to get us. I know she will. Your Favorite Saloon command. Games’s calling Games where are you? Inside the hospital. What happened to the second Games team? Wiped out.