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  Zombie Area but i dont know that these are inside the box right? they’ll ask you what happened to the bike and bag what do we tell? what shall we tell? Accident? an accident everything but the vehicle is in proper shape eh? what if you say someone stole it? a police complaint will be made we’ll get caught we should be able to sell a story that they’ll believe a ghost story? everyone have their own weaknesses for some, money for some, god for some, girls for your boss? spirits ghosts devils you’ve read my novel right? in that , your boss his daughter some bungalow incorporate all these and tell him a believable story the other day they were talking in a TV program about some haunted house right? smitha bungalow what name did priya say that day? two constables were also found dead in the bungalow enough ah? we can use all this and make a ghost film itself that is all fine what if they ask me where my wife is? tell something and manage first, we’ll leave this place stay safe when there’s no one around, leave the bike infront of the house board a bus call me on my vodafone number they’ve already started doubting you first leave the place hey, everything will be fine right? it must, it should dont fear take care hey, have you boarded the bus? forget me.there’s nothing to worry about me i will take a bus or come by train you’re safe right? whose this? am shanmugam speaking hello? what? The customer called up saying there’s been no delivery Lakshmi said you havent come by my house yet am not able to reach you on your phone also where are you? sir I…. am not able to hear you properly where are you? is there any problem? sir, in a house trapped.. what? in the house? he’s struggling to speak go check if he’s fallen off the bike somewhere dododont haha hang up sir, please if you get him, no matter what time it is, give me a call ok uncle it cant be an accident and all if it was we’d have got the news by now do you know his house? i know that area we can find it easily we’ll got to his house and check his wife will be there only no? if she’s also not there it means things are heading in the wrong direction. we’ll go to the cops he’s not aware of whats inside brother sir’s making so many calls asking if we found him what answer do we give him? where had you gone? anu’s missing brother there’s nothing like that i need to go brother, brother enough brother i need to go find anu brother tell me now, what happened? sir, sir, are you able to hear me sir? brother, see if there’s any bleeding here? seriously there’s nothing there dont worry nothing would’ve happened to anu ok, tell me, how are the other things going on? Zombie Area like we planned its been  days since I came from banglore to cochin our passport is also ready in  days, i’ll get my degree certificates also as soon as you come,we canget the Zombie Area and board the flight am trying to come asap too many things,more than what we anticipated is going on here everyone has started believing me when will you come here? am not sure it may take  weeks it may take  months after making everyone here believe me completely i’ll cooly leave this place ok va?