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   It must be in the blood… No one has been able to catch the Lord after Ging pulled it off at the age of twelve. And now his son has accomplished Nthe same feat at the same age. His eyes have the same shine as his father’s. We can no longer stop him. Are you sure about this Gon? Uh-huh. Your father abandoned you Nwhen you were still young to become a Hunter. I know. He chose becoming a Hunter over raising you! Isn’t that amazing? Huh? Being a Hunter is so great he was willing to abandon his own kid! It’s a dangerous job! You never know when you might lose your life! Don’t you understand? I don’t. But I want to know more! I want to become a Hunter and discover why it was so important to my dad! You really are Ging’s son… I promise I’ll pass the exam. I’ll pass the exam and I’ll become a Hunter! Just promise that you’ll come back safe. Can you do that? Uh-huh I promise! Pinky swear made… Whoever breaks their promise has Nto swallow a thousand needles. Sealed with a kiss! Gon… Thank you Play Game. Good luck! Knock ’em dead!