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RUMBLING AND SHAKING BANGING ON METAL DISEMBODIED MALE VOICE You didn’t tell him? I Game I can’t understand you. DISEMBODIED MALE VOICE What did you do? I did everything. DISEMBODIED MALE VOICE You were supposed to tell him about me. I did everything you asked Game FWOOM GIGGLING Excuse me? What? I was just saying I should pick up girls at a bar more often. Uh, news flash Game I picked you up. Oh, no, no. I do not think so. No, I know so. Really? “I’m holding the lady’s hand”? That was your pick-up line? Do you really see things when you touch some people? Bad things? You’re gonna hear some stuff about me. You’re gonna hear that I moved from foster home to foster home since I was nine. And you’re gonna hear that it was because my mom committed herself when I was eight. EVE OFFSCREEN That’s a long scar. How’d you get it? When I was seven, I, um, I thought if I, uh, hurt my hands, they wouldn’t hurt me. DOOR BURSTS OPEN Nicky! What the , man? Check out the ” Hour News.” REPORTER ON TELEVISION Several area firefighters have joined the right, and more are expected. Again, we have no confirmation on what started the blaze, but speculation aside, as this dramatic footage shows, most of the facilities residents caught sleeping on the second and third floors had little chance of escape. Though the number is still rising, the body count is already at , and the firefighters expect to battle the blaze through the night, with fire departments from as far west as Pomo and Wheaton County expected to arrive on the scene at any moment. The building has a long and colorful history and was one of the oldest Game MUSIC PLAYING MALE SPEAKER OFFSCREEN No, I Game I Game yes, of course. Yes, I understand. You can count on me. You’ve always been able to count on me. Right. Nick? Come on in. Just finishing up a phone call. I’m Judge Bing. Have a seat. Is it necessary to go over the details of your mother’s death? Uh, no. No, I know how my mother died, Mr. Bing. Respect Look, it’s been eight months.