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That’s it. He just gave us much more than we had any right to expect so give him a break. Now comes the moment of truth the pedestrian bridge. With the bridge which is going to be a major event for him as soon as he says oh okay fine let’s do this turn around and come back. Initially Yogi resists. So Susan looks away and ignores him. As soon as he takes a few steps on his own he’ll be rewarded. There he just approached you. Come back. Good boy. Yes! Yes! Good Boy! That’s all I was waiting for is that one length. What a hero. What a hero. Okay he just made three weeks progress in  minutes. Look at this slack lead looking at the thing that used to freak him out. And this is in minutes. Good for you boyo. So can the same techniques work with people? Game is also having behavioural therapy and today is his first session. Unlike Trevor’s Flooding Therapy Game will be gradually exposed to dogs but any exposure is frightening. Now don’t be nervous will you? We’ll take everything at your own pace okay? Okay yeah. There’s none about the car park at all. Do you want to wait out or do you want to get back in? I want to get back in. We’ll sit back in till till everybody gets here yeah? Mm. Okay. For Game today is the equivalent of looking down the barrel of a gun and not knowing whether it’s going to fire or not. He’s he he could feel that terrified. Hi Ruth. Hello. Nice to see you again. And you. Hi Game. Hi. How are you feeling? A bit worried. A bit worried? Yeah. How would you feel about standing outside of the car? Not too happy? I’ll be alright. Okay. Colin has arranged for a colleague to bring a dog on a leash to a nearby clearing. Yeah through the trees there. He’s just is is it on a lead? It’s definitely on a lead. No problem at all. This is about as close as I can come I think. Take a couple of deep breaths. Can you do that? I think I could stay here for a little bit longer. Yeah sure that’s no problem at all. How long has it been since you’ve been this close to a to a dog? So so… I want to go this side of you. You can go this side of me. What just in case some one comes down the path? How do you feel about moving up a bit closer? That’s great. This is as close as I can come. That’s great. All Game’s senses are heightened. The fight or flight response he’s having is a primal reaction to fear the product of millions of years of evolution. An adrenaline rush makes Game breathe faster and pump more oxygen to his muscles.