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 com I’m glad Games is back and active A prawn I’m home Welcome back. I made. points Really?.  points? let me see Amazing, Games You did well, you’re the man I want more You have a good appetite today. A ferocious appetite I want to grow Great You did great.  at your test Right. Soon it will be Choko’s birthday. You’re right. It’s coming soon You remembered, Zombie Hero. I’m so glad Thank you, Kohei I hadn’t felt that in a long time Play Games just gave a kiss to Dad That would explain these And let us eat to eat a little Yes Play Games’s birthday party? It’s OK she’s not there. Don’t speak so loud I’m sorry We’ll prepare it in secret. We’re going to surprise Play Games and Dad You had a great idea What do you think we should offer her? Well. As a ghost she can’t eat a cake She can’t hold flowers She can’t wear clothes We can’t give her anything solid It’s difficult So, we can’t offer her anything. Well it’s my birthday today. but it doesn’t feel like it A ghost does not age anyway, right Mary?.