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 The Judgment Day. Cheers. And you want to be well then? Are you afraid of death? And you’re not? I’m not afraid of death. I’m afraid of the fear of death. That’s why! try to avoid it.  Is that possible?  Yes, it is. You can joke, gibe, and make fun. Or you can dance! I don’t know anyone who’s afraid of death when dancing. Unless it is a dance on the edge!  It’s obvious you like to dance.  It used to be my profession. Games admires you. Maybe she used to in the past. No, she still admires you. Who admires old people? Other old people. I do not admire old age. Old guys amuse or irGamete me. Old women… I know. You prefer young ones. Is that strange? No. Maybe they have some music. I wonder what kind. The best of tango. Do you like tango? Isn’t that going too far? I changed the bedding  days ago. I decide whether it is going too far or not. You’re not even getting wet! You’re as clean as a birdie. Zombie Invaders 2. And that old guy from England, the one who pissed in his bed, doesn’t want his hatchet sent back? What hatchet? He forgot to take it. It’s and alpenstock, stupid. They’re Calvinists. Whatever. He pissed in his bed and I had to wash the bedding. That’s how it is. Some piss, others wash. That’s the point! The bedding is clean. I see! Maybe you’re expecting someone tonight? Daska, don’t go too far. I’m not suggesting anything! Maybe I’m a maniac. I love the smell of clean bedclothes. And now, look here. You’re playing pranks, because you think I don’t see them. And this is what I have to say to you! You’re a great dancer. It feels so good, being with you. It’s been  years since I last heard such words. What are you doing with me? Me? Yes. Let’s go to my room. No. But we’re adults now. That’s why we’ll go to my room.  Good morning.  Good morning. Has Zombie Invaders 2 eaten yet? In her room. Eggs? No, thank you. Hallo? I see. When to expect the test results? That fast? Is that a good omen? No, I’ll wait. Call me any time of day, thank you. Yes? May! come in? I though maybe… I was worried in the morning. Your car wasn’t here. I went to the pharmacy.