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Zombie quest hat is it, senor? Garcia, where is my son? Your son, senor? His bed’s not been slept in. Where is he? But I took him to his room myself, senor. I shut the door. But he’s not there, I tell you. He came home late last night, senor, I Game Just a moment. Forgive me, senor, I should have told you, you see yesterday I Game That’s all, Garcia. Nicco. Yes, José. When your father comes back, I’ll ask to speak to him. And if you want me, I’ll be nearby. I’m all right I’m not afraid now. Good. Off you go. Father! I thought Game Why are you not wearing your shirt? And where have you been? With José. You spent the night in his house? Will you please explain why you took advantage of my absence? I ran away. Garcia frightened me. He was going to kill me. What are you talking about? He was drunk, father. Drunk? Yes, José said so. Rubbish. Now let’s have the truth. It is true. I don’t like defiance. But, father, you shouldn’t say I’m not telling the truth when I am. Where does this new boldness come from? And what has happened that you disobey me? But, father Game But what? I meant to tell you. I thought you Game You thought. Perhaps you gave some thought to your disobedience. You gave me your word that you wouldn’t speak to that man. I didn’t to start with, and it seemed very childish. There was no reason why we shouldn’t talk together. Those his words or yours? Mine, father. It’s pleasing for your father to see to what a degree that friendship sprang up between you and this illiterate lad. You don’t know him. I know him better than you think. The servant who ingratiates himself, who lies about other servants. He doesn’t lie. It’s Garcia that lies. He’s not good like José. And who are you to say what’s good or bad? But Garcia had a knife. He cut the heads off my fish. The blood ran all down the table. You’re out of your wits. What fish? The fish that I caught. So you went fishing? Yes. With that oaf? With José. He taught me how to fish. So, he taught you how to defy and disobey your father. Go away from me. Go to your room.