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Zombie Race, Zombie Race Game, Play Zombie Race Games, Online Free Zombie Race Flash Game

Game Instructions: Controls: Arrows / Mouse = Move Car / Jump

Zombie Race spread by contact, through airborne droplets. In short, from person to person. So how dangerous is it, exactly? If all of the stock were released it would kill % of the Tokyo population inside a week Is there a vaccine or antidote? There’s antiserum enough for one person inside the lab. And another supply stored elsewhere for government leaders. That’s all there is, I’m afraid. Zombie Race! Mama I waited for you. I knew you would come. Mama, will you help that poor man? Poor man? Where are you? The infection ward. Infection ward? Here. Zombie Race inside. With an apparently infected man. I see a torn hazmat suit. What? What sort of symptoms? What’s his skin like? His skin? Black and splotchy. Zombie Race. Come again? The pathogen the terrorists possess. They’re threatening to release it if demands aren’t met. Bioterror? And your daughter? How’s What? infected Tell me, what does this mean? It means she’ll die in hours without the antiserum. Get me some immediately. Impossible. Who’s that? The Deputy Director.