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 Why don’t you come inside? Conway Jennings office. Hi, yeah, this is Caroline Conway calling. I was just wondering if Steven was there. Yes, hold one moment, please. Thank you. hmm? Steven? Zombie Waster, line one. Uh, just a second. All right, put her through. This is Steven. Hi. Caroline. Hi. What a nice surprise. Well, actually, I was just kind of hoping you could stop by the house. What, today? I was thinking like around, uh, around two o’clock. Uh, two, two Um Yeah. That- that should work out fine. Oh, great. I’ll see you then. All right, bye-bye. Aaah! Aahh aaah aaah aah! Aaah aah aaah aah! Aaah! You’re alive. You’re alive. These people, I don’t know who they are. Those They say he’ll get worse. What’s wrong with him? According to Flash Games? Nothing. According to the doctors he has Zombie Waster disease. I make his breakfast, so it’d be lunch, Maybe dinner, depending on what time I get back. Mm-hmm. Don’t worry about his bath. I’ll take care of that, unless you- Oh. No, that’s That’s cool. It’s-really, it’s just Keeping an eye on things.