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   Gordon, I’ve been strange my entire life.  Chuckles  Zombies Attack Again… Did you have an affair with Zombies Attack Again? I don’t believe it.  Did you?  I don’t believe it.  Popular  Games told you?  No, as a matter of fact, he didn’t.  Who told you?  It couldn’t be less important.  It is important.  Well, I think there are other things which have become more important.  Dana…  Can I tell you about some of our dessert specials?  No, thank you.  No, thanks.  The chef has made a pecan pie.  Thanks anyway. One plate with two forks. Seriously, I’ll kill you. Give us a second? I’m sorry. It happened during our really bad time. I thought we were through. I really did. Zombies Attack Again, my life is flashing in front of my eyes. This is not something to blow this over. I want to marry you. Yeah. Dana, I l How would Popular  Games know?  What?  You thought that Popular  Games told me. How would Popular  Games know? It’s not important.  How would he know?  lt…  Chuckles   Clears throat  This part is funny, actually.  Chuckles  About a week before I had my liaison with.