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Zombies Countries Want a drink? No Select Use the carpet, because people always slip like ‘s ice rink Game Este? You like that? If I had to choose a painting, this will choose No ‘re talking wall Oarl I can accept that if you want Recepci Game n your child, but do not know my son From time then is a good man Game Decidi Game what do you think? We’re talking about this document or him? I do not know you know how you feel coming here with what experiment Game You’re so crazy Internet was a great respect is lost, what I like is spirit You lose everything you know yourself not a loser, but lost all I was having a bad week I feel lost jobs and lost control on the Internet I was divorced, I had no money, live in an apartment ugly You know what makes me feel like a loser? I went to my ex Game husband ex Game wife for help, and he was teasing me I love the taste of this hinamu, good Honestly, the food truck is a good idea Thanks Yeah, I’m in Miami now I think you should stay there while Oarl not know what you heard What has not been I upgraded to sous chef Sous Chef ? And a was big Congratulations, it’s a great opportunity Thank you very meaningful coming from you Stop talking about me What are you doing? I have a food truck Oarl Tony had a taco truck! Really? You are going to cook? I’d be happy to be there at this time That’s good, right? It would be very good Well, well I’m sorry, Tony has I have to call Okay This is your new truck? Here’s the truck Many skeletal remains good to be done berkelliling want, son? Should I? Go see his father again truck I ask you something? Is something wrong? Do you sleep with him? With whom? Martin slept with him? Of course, your average ex Game husband divorced since sleep with someone after me? Do not refer to you, I sleep with anyone after the divorce I have to ask what are you doing with the maid It was different was not fair not talk about this now This is not the right time what you know Who cares? Why do I care want to know? I just want to know I do not mind I just want to know Well, listen I am very sad,