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Hi. Everything okay? You’ve been on the phone all day. I’m sorry. There’s just a lot of people to call. I mean, the whole family is here. We planned every detail of the dinner. What else is left to do? [applause] Man: [on PA] Next on balance beam, Ivy Ling. [cheering] Good as gold, Ivy. [cheering, applause] [speaking Chinese] Smile. [camera shutter clicking] [giggling] Shopping spree at your mom’s store? Yeah. Ivy: Pop Rocks for Chinese New Year’s? Exactly. I figured it’s a conversation starter. Plus, both Tracy and Dad go bonkers for that stuff. I hope it works. It has to work. Ivy: They don’t look like they’re fighting. No, they don’t. Happy New Year’s, Ivy. Mrs. L. Thanks for adding the candy to the menu. That was really cool. No problem. [no audible dialog] Did you try the ningo? It’s really good. I thought you hated ningo. It’s growing on me. Ivy. [speaking Chinese] Ivy, yourwaieewas saying what a great gymnast you are. I know, Mom. [speaking Chinese] [speaking Chinese] I know. [speaking Chinese] Come eat, everyone. [speaking Chinese] When you compare the size of the asteroid and the Earth, well, the asteroid is comparatively small. It’s like a grain of sand hitting a bowling ball. So how did this asteroid cause a mass extinction all around the globe? By extracting rock from the impact crater, the team hopes to find out. So, I’m not even strapped in, and I don’t especially like heights! But this is great, this is great. This multi-million-pound operation has been decades in the planning and we’re the only film crew to have access. Professor Joanna Morgan first proposed the operation. It’s been a long wait. I’ve been excited for, you know, years, so to actually… For it to be happening is quite scary. We’ve had so much effort between us to get us to this point that… that you really want some lovely results. Joining her on board to co-direct operations is Professor Sean Gulick. So, this is the ultimate test of some ideas, right? We have all these models about how the extinction happened, but without some samples from ground zero, we can’t really test them. This really is one of the most impressive science laboratories I’ve ever seen, and it’s an amazing place we’re going to have a quick look around. This central area here is incredibly important. This is known as Main Street by the crew and scientists. Now, these shipping containers are actually science labs and, in each one… is a whole, entire laboratory. You can see in here huge amounts of equipment. This is one of the scanning labs. But there are still lots of personal touches. You can see where all the different scientists and the rest of the crew are from. But my hometown’s not on here! But this is the star of the show. This huge drill will bore through .km of solid rock, taking us back to the time of the dinosaurs. This is the drill bit. Each one of these little nodules is an industrial diamond. We’ve had this one modified with a higher-speed head that allows us to core. Literally collecting a column of rock three metres at a time and, as we go further down the borehole,