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 Want to try and move in a bit closer? I’m going to touch him. You’re going to touch him? I think I am. I think I am. Brilliant. Don’t forget to breathe while you’re doing it. He’s too playful isn’t he? So how did you feel while you were doing that? While you were stroking the dog? I felt a little bit worrying. But I was alright. I thought it was unbelievable. I was totally shocked I thought… What did you. What did you expect me to go and stroke its head and stroke its back and pick up its tail? I never expected you to get that close not so soon. And to feel… Well I would. And it looked as if you felt comfortable what you were doing. Mm. I thought you did really really well. Very proud of you I was you did really well. Okay? Yeah. Hello? Hi Dad. Hello. Yeah look I’m I had my treatment today. Oh yeah? How did you get on? Yeah I got on really well. Yeah? Yeah em I picked up its tail. Yeah. Yeah I stroked it’s head. Yeah. Tickled its tummy. Oh that’s alright ain’t it? Mm. Eh? So how did you feel about it all? I was a bit worried but I was alright. Trevor is facing fresh challenges. Oh (beep ) it is. Jesus wept. Here we go again. When I walked round that corner and I saw a fire station I thought there’s only one thing we’re going to do here. They’re going to send me up on a bloody a table ladder. And that just sent me it just knocked me for six. I was having a really good morning done well I thought really achieved something this morning. And then I thought the whole world just fell apart at me. My dad was a fireman for    years. Never thought I would get to go up in one of these bloody things. Remember the feeling when you first looked at this TV tower? Remember how scared you were? Let’s give it a try shall we? It’s it’s the same thing you had before. When you think okay you just don’t want to do this any more. I try to remind you once more to think and try it again. And if you say no we’ll go down. I can’t promise anything. I promise nothing. No. You don’t need to. I promise nothing here. You don’t need to. This is really really (beep beep beep ) Okay? Yeah. Okay. So look down see us moving. Yeah. What the hell happened there? That thing is tilting. That’s that’s okay.. Is that natural? What’s what’s the worst? Terrified. For (beep ) sake. Yeah. You tell me when to stop okay? Have you ever done this before? No. That’s great. That’s all I need. So it’s two of us doing it for the first time. Yeah. We’ve really got to keep our cool here haven’t we? Yeah. And not worry? Love to come up here every day? Not to worry. Oh my god there we go again. Oh oh oh. You’ve reached the top. That is well done okay. Oh. Oh. Oh Jesus wept. The wind’s getting up. Yeah. We are swaying up here. We are a bit. We are swaying. Do you know what we have to do right now? Do you? I’m imagining falling I’m doing all that I’m doing it ooh. Please that is enough take us down Ankar please. Yeah. Please just stay stay a little longer. No the wind the wind I hate that wind. Just a little longer. No I don’t find it comfortable. Please! I’m going dizzy. I think I’m going to be sick. Don’t dizzy.